Sundarban Travel Guide- Know Why You Should Visit Sundarban

December 02, 2018

Among the various spots spread across our very own Bengal, Sundarban is one such location which really draws people from the four quarters of the earth to witness the rare flora and fauna on the earth. Sundarban is a cluster of low lying isles spread across Bangladesh and West Bengal.

The Cause of its Timeless Fame:

Sundarban is an active delta, measuring a distance of about 40,000 and much famed for its Mangrove forests. Besides the famous Royal Bengal Tiger is the first and foremost fascination for the tourists. But it is tragic to note that owing to poachers,the number has declined a lot, accompanied by the menace of striking a discordant note in the nature's harmony. Truly, nature 's balance is at stake, gradually making us reach the fettle of jeopardy in the not too distant future!

Time of Visit:

It is conventional that tourists prefer to visit almost every place, no matter what the season is! There is hardly any moment when one doesn't notice an unalloyed rejoice among them, as soon as the holiday season appears. At times the weekends too cater a golden opportunity to indulge in a sense of wanderlust indeed! But to visit the kingdom of mangrove forest, September to February month or winter is the best time. There is a nip in the air and a slight haze in the early evening. The chilly weather not only inspires awe and wonder among us but a sustained sense of desire to keep on visiting such a natural heaven time and again!

The Best Places to Visit:

A place far from the madding crowd,is dotted with different spots which one would love to visit and taste the waters of pleasure.Some of them are, Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary, Sundarban Wild Safari, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, Tin kona island, Hiron Point, Dublar Char Island, Mangrove Eco Garden, the list is simply endless. The elegant sights act a soothing salvo to the ached nerves and indeed help to begin everything afresh!

Some of the Best Resorts to Visit: 

Taking care of your pocket yet assuring a complete contentment, a number of resorts have been set up. A few of them are Sundarban Tiger Camp Wildlife Resort, Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge and many more. Moreover, the hospitality shown is beyond any complain. The lovely green ambience accompanied by the token of comfort and relaxation add an extra dimension to the whole matter. 

How To Visit Sundarban:

So if you have some spare time and want to enjoy with your friends and family, just board a public transport from Kolkata to Canning (45 kilometers) and a little more of 29 kilometers from God khali port have to be traveled. The entire time taken is just an hour and twenty minutes. Bon voyage!!

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