Now-a-days we are too much busy with our daily schedule and sometimes we are depressed and unhappy if anything it not happen with our favor or the fear to lose. I think more or less most of people facing this issues and tried to be happy with various ways. Here are top 41 best ways to make yourself happy and motivated each and every day.

Top 41 Ways To Make Yourself Happy and Stay Motivated

  1. Commit to do one nice thing for yourself everyday
  2. Listen to your heart and learn to forgive yourself
  3. Close your eyes and say I Love Me and I Forgive Myself.
  4. Be positive in whatever situation you are facing.
  5. Eliminate the toxic or awful people from your life.
  6. Keep your mind and health calm and good.
  7. Surya Pranam daily and meditation if possible
  8. Take a deep breath of positive vibes
  9. Clean your daily stress, pressure from mind.
  10. Walk daily for sometime.
  11. Spend time with your family, seniors and friends.
  12. Listen to everyone and then speak. To be a good speaker you need to be a good listener.
  13. Spread happiness to your near and dear one.
  14. Smile everyday and thank the God for gifting the Life.
  15. Try to calm yourself in any situation.
  16. Think of the positive and winning moment that you have achieved earlier.
  17. Try to think simple and something creative.
  18. Don't think too much of your past and start living in the present.
  19. Convert the negative thinking into positive.
  20. Try to find out a solution for every problem or error.
  21. Be optimistic always.
  22. Try to make every complex situation or matter, a easier one
  23. Listen to music, play sports and play any musical instrument.
  24. Help people in need. Give love and careness.
  25. Plantation. Plant trees and take care of them daily.
  26. Be your own competitor and comparing yourself to yourself and no one else.
  27. Be happy for other's success, achievement and being lovable for others. 
  28. Focus on happier and healthier relationship.
  29. Learn everyday to sacrifice and compromise. 
  30. Try to learn everyday new from anyone.

  31. Give a new birth to yourself on every morning
  32. Respect everyone.
  33. Start giving without any expectations.
  34. Make a good impression or give contribution for anyone life with your work.
  35. Be honest and kind.
  36. Replace I with We as We is much stronger than I.
  37. Don't judge people with his or her outer appearance. Judge people with quality, work and behavior.
  38. Start accepting the uncertainty in front of you.
  39. Think or Say Whatever Happens. Happens for Good.
  40. Try to focus more for long term rather than short term.
  41. Try to learn and do something in every stage of life.

Kanha National Park also known as Kanha Tiger Reserve is one of the prime tiger reserves and national parks of MP (Madhya Pradesh) and also leading tiger reserves of India. This area was declared as one of the best wildlife areas in the World. Kanha National Park was established in 1955 and total area is approx 940 sq Km.
Kanha Tiger Reserve
Kanha Tiger Reserve

Now-a-days, this total area is also divided into two major districts named Mandla and Balaghat. These two areas including Phen Sanctuary, form the Kanha Tiger Reserve. It is one of the best places for tourists, also ranked in the top 6 famous places and tourist attraction in India according to Touropia.

February to June is the best time to visit Kanha National Park and this park remains closed from July to October. The best mammals and birds to see like Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopard, Indian Wild Dog, Barasingha, Red Jungle Fowl, Crested Hawk Eagle, Mottled Wood Owl and more. You can also see the rare birds, butterflies, various grass flowers and other Flora & Fauna. There are plenty of luxury hotels and resorts to stay at Kanha. Singinawa Jungle Lodge is among the best hotels to enjoy the beauty of wildlife and nature. They have amazing accommodation with jugle cottages and bungalows. You can also get all the meals and other amenities. This resort also offer to experience the wildlife safari by experienced naturalists.

Kanha National Park Jungle Safari
Kanha National Park Jungle Safari

Reasons to Choose Top Hotels in Kanha National Park

There are plenty of luxury accommodation or hotels and resorts in Kanha National Park. The prime reasons to opt like:
  1. Experience the Jungle Jeep Safari in Kanha: Kanha is the best place for jungle safaris to experience the various animals including tigers, jackals, wolves, deer and more.
  2. Luxury accommodation, satisfactory hospitality and modern facilities: Most of hotels and resorts have pleasant accommodation with luxurious facilities.
  3. Renowned and award winning eco friendly luxury wildlife resort: Nearly all hotels are award winners from TOFTigers, TripAdvisor and others.
  4. Enjoy the Kanha wildlife and natural beauty: Get pleasure from Kanha wildlife and natural scenic beauty to make it memorable for lifelong.
  5. Resident naturalists services: There are some experienced and professionals naturalists who can guide the entire trip and safaris very well.
  6. All meals and refreshment: Get fresh meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner, tea coffee services and other refreshment.
  7. Paghdandi bicycling trips: Experience the Paghdandi bicycling trips to enjoy the landscapes and forest areas.
  8. Trip to Phen sanctuary: Phen wildlife sanctuary is the part of Kanha Tiger Reserve to experience the beauty of jungle and some rare birds and animals.
  9. Meadow spa & swimming pool: Some deluxe hotels and resorts also offer meadow spa and swimming pool.
  10. Eco restoration walk including village walk: Experience the group of chital deer, jungle cats, leopards and other birds through the eco restoration walk. Visit the near village to get the knowledge of their activities and culture.
  11. Children activities: There are plenty of children activities including some traditional games like kabaddi, gulli-danda, plaster cast making procedure, identify the jungle sign, make rangolis and many more.
  12. Village market and fair: Baihar, Mohgaon and Sarekha are the top village markets to get some fresh seeds, bamboo wares, pots, ethnic jewelry, local art & crafts and more. 

Some Kanha Hotels Images:

Singinawa Jungle Lodge Kanha
Singinawa Jungle Lodge Kanha

Dining Room
Dining Room

Hotel Outside Image
Hotel Outside Image

Luxury Hotel Room
Luxury Hotel Room

Outside Hotel Decoration
Outside Hotel Decoration

Relaxation Kanha Jungle
Relaxation Kanha Jungle

Resort Room
Resort Room

Spa at Kanha Hotel
Spa at Kanha Hotel

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool
How to Reach There: You can reach Kanha National Park by air, train or road. The nearest airport and railway station at Jabalpur (166 km), Nagpur (253 km) and Raipur (180 km) to Kanha. Have a wonderful journey and pleasant stay.


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