Importance of Tattoos and Some Design Ideas

December 21, 2018

Tattoos: A New Addition to the Style Quotient 

It is important to fathom that 'now' is the very unit of life. And this particular point actually shapes everything in our life as this gift of God at times desires to be elegant, presentable and appreciating. But things are not always easy owing to our extremely busy and tight schedules. Still, if we want to look beautiful in our own way, looking at the mirror ( without being narcissistic at the same time) matters much!

Tattoos: The Style Quotient:

Looking beautiful is something quite natural on our part, but looking perfect is not always one's cup of tea. And so there is always a hidden desire to improve our appearance before others. This also helps in enhancing one's self importance too. Realizing the pattern of changes in the world of fashion and style, tattoos have made their appearance to fulfill your long woven dreams ans aspirations! Tattoos are a form of art and help you to create a personal gallery. This not only creates an impression but also acts a feel good factor as one is able to add a sense of pristine beauty to one's structure. Besides, a tattoo also adds a grain of value to one's personality. On the other hand, people may exhibit their reactions against such tattoos and a negative body language can also found to be supported by adverse comments. But instead of getting disappointed, it is better to ignore their statements and retain a perfect sense of self esteem! After all,it is your body, your gift from the Lord and to create a better body image is completely at your own discretion!

The Medical Angle: 

The world of medicines has always played a decisive role whenever the questions of beauty, glamour and glitz have come to the fore with confidence. Be it plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, the prime motto is to look beautiful, youthful, confident and fascinating as well. To add an extra feather to the cap of this style quotient, tattoos have appeared on the screen to win the hearts of millions! And the reason is something beyond the convention. The tattoos truly aid in hiding the scars left after any surgery or minor operation. Moreover, the present generation is never down in spirits, as such post operative marks can be removed in just a click!

Some Important Tips to be Remembered: 

  • It is important to have a crystal clear idea about one's physical features, whether inked or not. However, the primary thing is to love one self. And this emotion will surely help one to land up with something better to enhance one's elegance, either in the form of make up or tattoos. So psychological preparation carries the utmost importance here! 
  • Culture is something to be considered at the very outset when you go for a tattoo. If you are a Muslim and paint an "om" on your arm, it may not be accepted whole heartedly. The reason is people are very weak in front of any religious factor and cannot restrain themselves from displaying their strong reactions, if they find something unmatched here. So it is advised,not to get involved in purposeless controversy over this trifling issue, whose prime purpose is to enhance the style quotient and nothing more! 
  • Shunning the basic feature and going for something different will help to sustain your self image. Various kinds of tattoo(s) are available but your choice ought to be the perfect one! It should not only enhance your value but also match with your personality to receive respect and appreciation from others! 
  • Never be swayed away by the words of others, so far the choice of artists is concerned. It is you who should choose the 'best' one to become the 'best' one! In fact there must be a perfect blend of your like(s) and the painter's choice, else things may not be on your favor! 
  • And last but not the least, it is always recommended not to indulge in up side down tattoos as the process may be painful in certain cases. Consult your doctor and painter so that you can complete the "whole story" with a touch of perfect balance!

The arrival of tattoos is a revolution in the modern world and has caught the heed of countless people indeed! Besides it true purpose, there are enough employment opportunities in this domain. So if you have a thirst for creativity and a passion for something novel, this could be your world! Hence follow the mantra: "Get trained, Get hired"!!

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