How To Make Your Life Happy

November 28, 2018

To make our life happy, we do many things. Sometimes, we become very much conscious, sometimes we become selfish. To make our life happy, we start to make it secure and try to save earned wealth as much as possible. But does any one of us ever think about the phrase "life" and "happy"?  

“Life” the four letter word has no ending. Life is to live your way. This word is to live at present rather than what will happen tomorrow.  Life is very much unpredictable. No one knows what will happen tomorrow!  So first of all today is all we have

Now the next word is "happy". It is an expression of joy. Happiness is not to do what you want, but is to do the entire task which makes you to realize "I have done something which gives me peace to my mind, I have done something which gives me a sound sleep at night." That’s all happiness is my friends.  Happiness is to become happy with a sweet smile. When a little butterfly spreads its wings with her full joy, we cannot stop ourselves looking at it, feeling a sense of happiness.

And lastly the question is that how to make life happy? To me, if we understand what life is and what is the real meaning of happiness, we could easily turn our life into a happy one. 

Don't be so much conscious about tomorrow and do your best today. Don't give up ever. Life is a long walk on a thorny road and happiness is the roses which we could see through walking on that road. 

To make your life happy, try to lose your burden of consciousness and over thought fullness. Travel to new exciting places as much as possible. Read a lot and argue less. To make your life happy, try to make it peaceful.  To be a good human being, you need not do well to others but never harm others consciously. Love the nature and love your dear ones unconditionally.

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