Rebecca Black Videos

May 20, 2012

Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black is an American singer born in June 21, 1997 in California who received too many attractions from the single "Friday". 
Her some short film video is like Last Friday Night (2011), Rebecca Black's Greatest Hits (2011), Betwixt the Music: Rebecca Black (2011), Friday (2011), My Moment (2011), Person of Interest (2011) and Sing It (2012).

Rebecca's Discography single is like "Friday", "My Moment", "Person of Interest" in 2011 and "Sing It" in 2012. Here some of the videos of Rebecca Black.

Rebecca Black- Friday
Rebecca Black- My Moment
Rebecca Black- Sing It
Rebecca Black- Person Of Interest
Rebecca Black with Katy Perry- Last Friday Night

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