Top 15 Hottest Celebrities in Hollywood

April 22, 2013

Hottest Celebrities in Hollywood
Hollywood is the perfect destination for hot bodies of celebrities. There is something amazing factors that work into their body. All these celebrities not just show their expression also shows their basic attraction. All these female celebrities look hot and beautiful naturally. 

Most of these hot celebrities act successfully in many films and won various awards for leading actress role and others category. These celebrities also engaged in modeling and photo shoot.
This is my opinion to make this list with the basis of beauty, attraction, expression and popularity. Here are top 15 images of best hottest celebrities in Hollywood.

Kate Winslet
Hot Celebrity Kate Winslet

Angelina Jolie

Hot Celebrity Angelina Jolie

Cameron Diaz

Hot Celebrity Cameron Diaz

Charlize Theron

Hot Celebrity Charlize Theron

Emma Watson

Hot Celebrity Emma Watson

Jessica Alba

Hot Celebrity Jessica Alba

Megan Fox

Hot Celebrity Megan Fox

Minka Kelly

Hot Celebrity  Minka Kelly

Natalie Portman

Hot Celebrity Natalie Portman

Salma Hayek

Hot Celebrity Salma Hayek

Kristen Stewart

Hot Celebrity Kristen Stewart

Lindsay Lohan

Hot Celebrity Lindsay Lohan

Nicole Kidman

Hot Celebrity Nicole Kidman

Scarlett Johansson

Hot Celebrity Scarlett Johansson

Jennifer Lawrence

Hot Celebrity Jennifer Lawrence

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