Amazing 12.12.12

December 12, 2012

Amazing 12.12.12
Well this is not a special, any occasional or event date but this is really a magic date number figure that is 12.12.2012. The amazing fact is we are so lucky person in this present World to get the same date figure 12.12.12 after 100 years that is 12.12.1912. 

Today the day is 12, month is 12 and the year is 2012. So this 12.12.12 memorable date in respect of catchy number figure sequence and another interesting fact is the time like 12:12 AM/P.M in this date.

It will be again comes after 100 years that will be 12.12.2112. But it is almost impossible to see and enjoy this date with the same number figure for our.

Here is the entire magic date number figure with same sequence that we already covered like:
1.1.1 (01/01/2001)
2.2.2 (02/02/2002)
3.3.3 (03/03/2003)
4.4.4 (04/04/2004)
5.5.5 (05/05/2005)
6.6.6 (06/06/2006)
7.7.7 (07/07/2007)
8.8.8 (08/08/2008)
9.9.9 (09/09/2009)
10.10.10 (10/10/2010)
11.11.11 (11/11/2011)
12.12.12 (12/12/2012)
Another amazing date number sequence that will come in the next upcoming year that is 11.12.13 means 11.12.2013 just after 1 year. 
If you have any date number sequence please suggest me. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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